If you are launching an NFT collection on Cardano you can get yourself a sweet TokenRef site, complete with rarity data, sales data, and listings from the marketplaces that we support.

We present your collection in the most accurate and logical way so that users can find what they want, calculate rarity, follow pricing trends, and sniff out deals on secondary marketplaces. Whether your drop is sold out or hasn't even started yet, a TokenRef site is a great way of showcasing your project.


We don't charge users for use of the site, and never will. We didn't create TokenRef to promote our own NFT series, and we don't run a stake pool. We don't charge projects for new features we develop and we don't add 40 projects a day just so we can say we're the biggest site. We also don't have advertising because who wants 800 banner ads stuffed in their face every 20 seconds?

That is why we charge a 300 ADA setup fee for new projects. We don't charge for reasonable alterations or changes once your site is up and we'll gladly work with projects on new functionality, within reason.

That is the only fee you pay.


We don’t add hundreds of projects a day as adding each site is a manual process. We're in the business of quality over quantity. That means there is a queue. If your drop is coming up and you know that you want a TokenRef to go live on drop day, get in contact with us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and give us the details. You don’t need to pay in advance or provide your metadata if it’s a way off, but we need to know as much info as possible to be able to schedule your site.


We can pull your data from the blockchain, or use a complete JSON or CSV formatted metadata file that you provide. We can also put a "live" TokenRef in place that grabs data from the blockchain periodically and updates rarity data on-the-fly, which is great for new drops!


Fill out the form below to get the process started!


Is any question too stupid to ask? No! We're all learning, all the time. Does my collection have to be sold out to get a TokenRef? No! Does my collection have to be “new” or “coming soon” to get a TokenRef? No! Can you display “on-chain” NFTs? Yes! (Depending on the content.) Get in contact and give us the details! Can I add things such as explainers and notes to the rarity page? Yes! We can add notes, images…whatever you want. Just send us the details. Can you provide advice on the format my metadata should take? Yes! Fire us a question at or on Twitter Some of my metadata is wrong/broken/misspelled/erroneous on the blockchain. Can you fix it? Yes! If you can tell us which changes you would like to be made, we can fix it up on TokenRef. The blockchain data will remain the same (of course!) Can you make modifications solely for my project? Yes! (Within reason.) Any huge, huge changes will likely be chargeable, but every change will be considered on a case-by-case basis. I will be adding new series/seasons to my collection. Can I add them on TokenRef later? Yes! If the metadata is in the same format, we’ll gladly add new series/seasons for free. If there are structural changes, we reserve the right to ask for a nominal charge of 50ADA to cover the extra work. If you upgrade TokenRef or add any new features, does it cost me anything? No! When we launch upgrades, all TokenRef sites get those features added as standard. If you add a new marketplace, do I need to do anything for listings and sales from my project to show up? No! We’ll take care of that for you. I want to define a “Rarity” tag to show on each card. How do I do that? Just include a “Rarity” entry in each NFT’s metadata. Use whatever terminology you like (“Ultra Rare”, “Super Rare”, “Mega Rare”, etc.) as long as you let us know which is rarest and which is most common. Do I need to be verified on or Tokhun for you to be able to show my data? No! We pull information by policy ID, so we don't need you to be verified. Can I pay after my collection has dropped? We're sure we can accomodate you. Just ask. Do you provide promotion for my TokenRef? We will announce your new TokenRef on our Twitter account, and your site will be listed on the main TokenRef page, and on every single TokenRef site in the menu bar and in the footer. Beyond that...just tell your community that it's live, and they'll do the rest! Are you making commission for sending people to marketplaces? Do we get a cut of that? No! We don't even make a millionth of a hundredth of a tenth of a percent. So no, you don't. Can I advertise my CNFT project across your network via banner ads? I'll pay! No! Please feel free to give your money to someone else. Project owners didn't pay for people to be able to see YOUR project all over their TokenRef. They paid so that people would see theirs. We're not convinced! Why should we bother? You're already here. You know why you should bother. If it helps, we can tell you that in September 2021, TokenRef served over 1.3m pages. Beyond that, we're not going to try to sell anything to anyone. Why not ask your community if they'd like your project to have a TokenRef? See what they say! Another rarity site said they'd list us for free/cheaper than you. Can you match their price? Our price is 300ADA. If you want to try to play us off against another site, we'll happily just tell you to go and list your project with them. Why should you get a TokenRef cheaper than everyone else who sees value in what we do? We don't ask you for cheaper NFTs because another project is minting for half the price, do we? Will you build us a TokenRef in exchange for exposure on our social media channels? Sure! Just tell us where we can buy hosting, power, water, clothing, and food in our area with your magical "exposure tokens" and we'll gladly accept them as payment. (Hint: This means NO.) I have a question that isn't answered here! Who do I speak to? Just DM TokenRef on Twitter or send an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP!